T-N.T. developed the world's first : "Curved design" HOP-UP bucking, by the vast number of consumers with the support and love, in view of this, we have developed another high-end modified HOP-UP System : T-HOP Bucking!!

"T-HOP Bucking" is based on T-N.T. previous ver. patented product "Located Directional Rubber", after many improvements and tests, it not only retains the original Located/Directional function, but also the special curved surface design can make BBs obtain more efficient and stable rotation force, effectively improve the ballistic stability, and achieve a more longer effective range.

T-HOP bucking are all conventional specifications, " Simple assembly, Simple adjustment and Simple replacement " are T-N.T. consistent style. Stand in the every player's position considered a variety of thoughtful design, is to allow you to spend less time to have excellent performance, with more time to enjoy more fun!!

T-HOP bucking combines the following advantages:

●Curve surface coverage & efficient friction
●General specifications (easy and convenient assembly and replacement)
●More DIY space.

We believe that both the average player or advanced / high-end players can create unlimited possibilities with T-HOP !!

●All products are recommended to have DIY ability to make fine adjustments and modifications.
●Before the modify, recommended to check and exclude the original issues to achieve the best results, or commissioned by the store to modified.
Replacement of any upgrade kits does not mean that can solve the issues of original structure design, sometimes still have to modify the other components to achieve the best performance.

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